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Certhive - A product built in two weeks

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Certhive current landing page

I am a freelance web developer and tech enthusiast. From past 3 years, I’ve been developing a variety of products for various clients. My most recent project is last stop shop for developers like you and me. I participate in various Hackathons and have won many among them, the thrill of creating products just in a day never ceases to amaze me, I also conduct various workshops to impart my tech knowledge to curious people.

Last month I conducted a workshop at a local Engineering college. Around 110 participants attended and I had to give away the certificate of participation ( I wrote scripts for two other events that needed e-certs). Initially, I thought of giving printed certificates, on inquiry I learned that it cost anywhere between Rs. 4/- to Rs. 8/- to print a certificate excluding design. Discarding the idea of costly printed certificates (which might just end up as a paper in a file on the cupboard and cost me around 8 * 110 = Rs. 880/-) I thought of giving e-certificates. Yes. Easy to design, generate and send but with times like now where powerful tools like Photoshop exist anybody can just make a duplicate copy of the certificate.

So many certificates, both in print and electronic are issued every day and just anybody can plagiarize it but I had something else to solve. For now I am starting with unique number verification and event/workshop verification.

Me and two of my friends started working on Certhive, now this is a platform where an event organizer or an enterprise or a legitimate organizer like you/me conducting an event/course/anything that involves distribution of certificates, can design and generate and distribute authentic, verifiable e-certificate.

We have three parts in our platform


Usually, after the participant receives a certificate there is a high probability that the certificate could get editted for many reasons but a certificate generated from Certhive can be verified in a very simple way. You’ll just have to enter the unique code from the certificate into the portal and you’ll get to know the actual legit owner of the certificate with various details.


Pick a template or create a royal/cool certificate yourself.


A certificate should be issued when an event is conducted for real. At certhive first, the organizer of the event has to give proof that the event is actually being conducted. Only then the person can send e-certificates to the participants.

Bonus feature for certificate receivers:

Every e-certificate generated through Certhive will be available on the receiver’s dashboard. At times like interviews or such, the receiver can cluster the certificates he wants to show, generate a link and give it to the person on the other end.

A very easy to use platform with a better solution than the existing situation.

How will it help an event organizer?

Giving away an authentic, verifiable certificate will definitely help you in creating a brand, a value for yourself. Giving certificates to students/participants values their experience in future. By showcasing your proof of certificate you can attract more participants.


Right now certhive is in private testing, If you are an event organizer and want to test and try out certhive then please drop a mail to

The whole platform is being built on Vuejs and extreme AWS, on account of this we will be showcasing this at a Vue meetup in Bengaluru. If you can attend please do rsvp here, we will be there too!! more on the technicallity about how we built this in two weeks in an another article.

Thank you so much for reading. It would be great to know your opinion on the idea and the platform. Feel free to suggest/ask questions and doubts in the comment section. You can reach out to me on **Twitter**.

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