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Local delivery as fast as ninja

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About a month ago me and my co-founders started an intra-city delivery service called Fastpack. It is not a fixed domain delivery service. Instead we wanted to focus on the common use cases. Here where we stay & launched our service, people mostly use local buses/Auto rickshaws/personal vehicle for their short distance travels. The minimum charges if you opt for a bus drive is around 5 rs/- for every 4km. The waiting time is long and comfort is an issue in this case. On the other hand, auto rickshaw provide a faster and more comfortable ride at the minimum cost of 30rs/- . Considering all these options on an average one will spend a minimum amount of around 40 rs/- for every ride.

While this is the case people have to be present for every situation even if its not that necessary. So we came up with a solution of starting a rapid local delivery service. Users can call us on our phone number and request for a pickup. A delivery ninja is right at their doorstep within 15mins for the pickup ( its been within this limit till now) then the delivery address is noted down and the package is delivered to that address in the next 15mins (once we took about 20mins).

Different approaches for business owners and for a common citizen

Business to customer abbreviated as B2C is a business model for people who own shops and are in need of delivery service. For example an optical shop which needs to deliver lens to their customers who have placed an order with them. This B2C model is valuated keenly and provides many features which aid the business shops to keep a tab on the orders placed by them. Customer to customer abbreviated as C2C is a business model for everybody else who is seeking for a service which gets a package from one part of the city to the other. Suppose an IT guy is in need of his identity card which he has left it at home, we are the right people to get him his ID card from his house to where he is at present. This service has different features and the charges per order also varies from B2C model.

We started building a MVP for testing out. For the initial launch we thought of developing a minimal version for both c2c and b2c. For c2c deliveries all we needed was a form to be filled and submitted and we had notification triggers set to alert us about the orders. Then regarding b2c section we planned an exclusive dashboard for the business folks which allows them to access all basic features related to orders, manage cash on deliveries , order on tap and order on a missed call. Having all these things developed we set out for the local launch of the service about a month ago. We launched the service and shared the news among our friends circle and family.

It has been a month since the date of launch and we have reached out to 22 businesses w.r.t B2C model and some local folks for C2C model. In this short span having not advertised in any manner. We have 9 orders (B2C) and 3 C2C orders.

Rani Chennamma circle Hubballi, Karnataka ,India. Credits: Wikipedia.

Thank you for reading & there will be a followup article later.


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