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My love for Hackathons

Hackathon1 min read

It all started with my first hackathon at Vishweshwarayya insitute of technology . I was skeptical about my participation at my first hackathon but not to brag, me and my team bagged 2nd place ;P. Then came along five more hackathons with 2nd,3rd,4th places and so.

On 5th of August 2017 Sandbox startups conducted a Smart city hackathon, in which me and my two other dearest friends took part and the fun begins. Went through the intro for the hackathon discussing on all the provided problem statements . After a while we decided to work on smart e-ticketing solution although direct permissions were not granted to do this because they had a weird rule of maximum 4 teams participating for a particular theme. Personally I don’t like this approach because what I feel is hackathons must be conducted with a theme but not with a fixed problem statement or fixed number of teams participating on that statement. Anyways we thought of building two things at a time because we were not allowed to pick the one we wanted.

Throughout the hackathon we started developing on the two problem statements. And ended up with a generalized E-ticketing system with facial recognition and a minimal product of Asset requisition platform as an internal tool for startups and incubation centers. We pitched both the things and then just waited for the results to be announced as team Matrix bagged the first place ( We are team Matrix ) but the sad part was one of our teammate had to leave the hackathon in middle and she missed something great (edit : but she attended the same hackathon next year 2018) . As token of appreciation we were given iball compbook in which this article is being written in ❤.

Till date I have attended 7 hackathons and have bagged some or the other place in 5 hackathons.

I will be extending this article with all the experiences.