How to make LED neon signs DIY

Checkout this Instagram reel for final result of one of my LED signs

What are we building?

A neon style LED thunder sign. We will be using an acrylic sheet as the support / background for the sign. Since they are very sturdy and

Method 1 - Using CNC router engraved acrylic sheet

Items required

  • A 5mm thickness acrylic sheet ( thickness is left to your decision but make sure the CNC can deal with the thickness you are planning to buy. Also, make sure the type of acrylic you are choosing can withstand the CNC router bit
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  • LED strips (checkout the ones I use here)
  • 220V - 12V adapter adapter (usually provided with the LED strips)
  • Solder gun / tin-lead
  • Multistranded wire for connecting the ends
  • Some acrylic glue (generally called super glue)

Find a local place, where you can give your design and get it engraved on an acrylic sheet. If you are going with this method, you WILL need an acrylic sheet

Step 1

Get the design ready. From what I have learnt, you need your strokes to be all of equal width.

Step 2

Get them engraved

Step 3

Cut the strip and place them neatly in the slots

Step 4

Solder the led strips carefully. I would say one alphabet if there is separation between each alphabet, then one alphabet can be connected in series and each alphabet can be connected parallelly to the source.