How to make LED neon signs DIY

Girish Patil

Girish Patil / November 22, 2021

2 min read

We will get straight to the point, no bullshit.

What are we building?
A 5mm thickness acrylic sheet, etched with letters/design.
In these slots we will lay down our LED strip and solder the wires accordingly.

Materials needed

  1. Acrylic sheet (we will calculate size later). Usually a 5mm acrylic gives the best stability and result.
  2. LED strips
  3. A 220V - 12V adapter - if your led strip comes with it, well and fair else you will need one.
  4. Some single/multi stranded wires to solder the leds.
  5. A 9v battery
  6. Some acrylic glue (generally called super glue)

Method 1 - Using CNC router machine

Find a local place, where you can give your design and get it etched on an acrylic sheet. If you are going with this method, you WILL need an acrylic sheet

Step 1

Get the design ready. From what I have learnt, you need your strokes to be all of equal width.

Step 2

Get them etched

Step 3

Cut the strip and place them neatly in the slots

Step 4

Solder the led strips carefully. I would say one alphabet if there is separation between each alphabet, then one alphabet can be connected in series and each alphabet can be connected parallelly to the source.