I’m Girish Patil, a moving resident of Hubli and Bangalore, India.

I am from Hubli, Karnataka but keep moving in between Hubli and Bangalore when am not hiking or travelling.

Started my professional life as a freelancer (2012), built a couple of things, got into engineering college in 2014, dropped off towards end of 2nd year while me and few of my friends built products from my room in Hubli. One of the interesting one was a last mile hyper-local delivery company called Fastpack (2017 - 2018), ran it for a year and half, had to shut it down for personal reasons.

Built many other things before Fastpack, which were all run for some time and shutdown, but with each and every project, I always learnt some or the other thing.

An official professional life started when I joined Hashnode in 2018, so many wonderful things happened during my time at Hashnode and I spent my previous 5 years at the company being one of the early engineers and team member. I quit the wonderful journey in 2024 year end to play around with other things that I loved and wanted to give more time to me and some plans that I had in mind. During this time I have done a lot of outdoor things, but the most important thing that I have done is to learn and understand the importance of mental health and the importance of taking care of it. You can read more of my interesting journey (I think) of short sabbatical and break from professional life [LINK HERE SOON].

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