Hello, I’m Girish Patil

Full stack developer @ Hashnode · GDGHubli organizer @ GDGHubli & WTMHubli

Currently working with an amazing remote team, building next-gen blogging platform for developers at Hashnode.

  • Sometimes I work on side projects on web, sometimes I tinker with electronics, sometimes I build some DIY / hack / product on the side that might be useful to everyday life or to some specific audience.
  • Very much interested in trading/investing in equities for more than two years. Personal finance has been of peculiar interest since then.
  • I sketch more and paint less every once in a while.
  • Love trekking / travel, recently bought Royal Enfield Himalayan and my travel stories will be more with it from now on.Checkout my travel blogs here
  • In general, I like todo anything that gives a pinch of adrenaline rush. Be it product building, helping someone, swimming, climbing a mountain at night, visiting a waterfal in the dark or doing some other shit.
  • Also being part of GDGHubli and WTMHubli, try to stay close to community work and events.

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