How to replace pneumatic cylinder of an adjustable chair


The chair I used to sit on daily for work was broken, actually thr pneumatic system which let's it to go up and down was broken. So, I was searching for new chair on amazon, but saw a suggestion of a listing which just sold the cylinder at Rs. 424 (at the time of my purchase). I went ahead and ordered it instead of spending another 6k - 10k for a new chair.

P.S I spent many months on this broken chair, keep things like pillow on it to adjust the height but it was not comfortable and am sure it had a weird effect on my back too.

Follow these steps

How to replace pneumatic cylinder of an adjustable chair

1. Separate the chair's base and the whole pneumatic system

Get those bolts off of the base. (Usually these have hex heads, you can use an allen key for this)

First, get the knob off

The bottom of the whole pneumatic system, by lifting it on one side and pushing the steel based cylinder outside.

2. Now hammer the bottom of the center of the chair

Get the main cylinder that covers the steel cylinder out.

3. Get the steel cylinder out of the outer case that is attached to the chair's base which also holds the main cylinder

You will have to hammer this one hard from the top and it should slide it out.

P.S a little bit of W.D 40 should help you out if it's tighter in all the junctions that you will be hammering.

Once you have removed the main cylinder and the steel one out, go ahead and place the new cylinder that you have in the appropriate places. You will be able to figure it out, without any issues.

This one saved a lot of bucks for me and hope it saved yous too.

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