Some of the things that has been part of my life.

I’ve worked on lots of projects over the years, here are some of the main ones. I also have a few other projects that I’m working on, which I’ll add soon.

Main side hustles

  • Garage Degree

    My e-commerce store for all the hacks, wood working and special projects that I do. I sell hangboards, fancy mirrors, led signs, sticker packs and t-shrits among few other things.

  • Devcult

    My contribution to the tech community, I publish technical content on multiple mediums, including Youtube, Instagram and Twitter under this name.

  • Alemari

    My travel blog. Majority of my travel content, hiking related information, guides to several treks etc. are hosted here for others. I want to log every travel, adventure or outdoor related content of mine here.

  • Evilhead Instagram

    This is my Instagram account with all sorts of content in it. Travel, Wood works, Hacks, Side gigs, Hiking etc.



Work in progress (Lot's of things in the past and few things in the present, updating soon!)