My changing life quests (well, at least some of them) - WIP, yet to add all things

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One day speed hike to Kumara Parvatha

The first time I did this in 2019, we camped in between and did it in 2 days. Wanted to speed hike it in one day, although not an impossible task, wanted to do it as this hike is categorized as one of the toughest in Karnataka.

Cycle from Hubli to Bangalore

One interesting plan that came to my mind all of a sudden and was achieved in the next two weeks. Was really proud of this. > 420kms on a hybrid geared cycle in 4 days.


Speak, Understand and Read Spanish fluently

Been learning Spanish on Duolingo for 327 days (as of Feb 19th, 2024), but it's been just more than a year since I started. Tried it 5 years before, couldn't get it it off the ground. This time I am on the path.

Perfect wheelie and stoppie on a cycle and bike


Trading profits of my salary equivalent for at least one month