Girish Patil

Hi, My name is Girish Patil
I am a full stack developer @hashnode
I run Devcult and GDGHubli as one of the organizers. Trying to build some projects on the side.

Currently working as a full stack developer @Hashnode (
I deal with Javascript, Node.js, MongoDB, React.js, Mobx, React Native, APIs, integrations daily.
I am currently building the mobile version of mobile app in React Native.
I have also built the Google chrome and Firefox extensions for Hashnode [Check them here]( using Parcel.js (❤), React.js and Sass
Worked on many integrations/bug fixes/implementing new features/etc for Hashnode
Prior to all this I worked on a coupons platform, a bluetooth beacon based physical social networking/shopping platform. Many hobby electronics projects. Built PHP, Node.js applications running on AWS, GCP and barebone servers. I just believe in something in everything and everything in something concept.